At Loffedoh Ltd., we respect human rights. Equality, inclusion, and diversity are core elements of our business and the way we operate. We believe that forced labour in any form or any place is unacceptable. Hence, our policy details our efforts to address modern slavery with meaningful actions and ensures that all African businesses and international counterparts partnering with us adhere to it.

We, at Loffedoh Ltd., abide by the UN Human Rights statutes outlined for international modern day slavery regulations. Therefore, we only partner, engage and work with businesses/entities that respect and conform to the modern day slavery regulations.

If we find any partner violating human rights or practices and engaging in activities like:

  • Workforce abuse
  • Discriminatory practices
  • Debt bondage
  • Servitude
  • Forced labour
  • Human trafficking
  • Child labour
  • Other human rights violations

We shall immediately, without prior notice, dissociate ourselves from them. Moreover, they shall be prohibited from selling products or services on our global digital marketplace.

At Loffedoh Ltd., we believe that modern slavery is a serious and unacceptable act of violation of an individual’s dignity and human rights. More importantly, as a company or platform, we have an ethical and moral obligation to play our role in eliminating and discouraging modern slavery practices. And that is what we do under our modern slavery policy. Together, we can ensure that human rights are observed all across the board and worldwide.